Risk and Governance (2nd edition)

Risk and Governance (2nd edition)

Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book

Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book

Risk and Governance


Governance is defined as the way in which a company is controlled, through principles like the equitable treatment of shareholders, the protection of the interests of stakeholders, the ethical behaviour of the board, and the transparency and accountability of both management and the board. It is at the centre of any complex management system which enables a financial institution to function, a system which becomes even more complex when the corporation or company in question is a bank. Such institutions have huge numbers of people sharing in both risks and rewards, thereby implicating many more people in its decisions and potential losses.

A methodology which puts the relationship between risk management and governance at the centre of banking best practice has not yet been established. Risk and Governance: A Framework for Banking Organisations articulates the necessity of devising a new system of risk management which can cope with extreme conditions, examining the intrinsic limitations on governance, the role and evolution of risk management, and the strategies for best practice. Sergio’s contention is that risk management must become the key function of governance and the responsibility of the Board.

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Risk and Governance: A Framework for Banking Organisations examines the relationship between risk management and governance, both of which are at the heart of any corporation. Sergio Scandizzo addresses the manifold ways in which they both function in that most complex of corporations – the bank.

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Sergio Scandizzo

Sergio Scandizzo

Sergio Scandizzo is Head of Model Validation at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.  He is the author of The Operational Risk Manager’s Guide, now in its second edition, of Validation and Use Test in AMA, both published by Risk Books, and of The Validation of Risk Models, published by Palgrave MacMillan. He was also a contributing author to the award-winning Risk Books title Advanced Measurement Approach to Operational Risk, edited by Ellen Davis. Sergio is also Associate Editor of The Journal of Operational Risk and the author of several journal papers on fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms and risk management.

Prior to his position at the EIB he was a principal in the London office of PricewaterhouseCoopers and, prior to that, a senior manager in the Global Risk Advisory team at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto. He holds degrees in computer science and finance.

Risk and Governance: A Framework for Banking Organisations

Sergio Scandizzo

Introduction: The Confluence of Risk and Governance

Part 1: Corporate Governance in Banking

Chapter 1: Corporate Governance, Information and Control

Chapter 2: The Nature of Corporate Governance in Banking

Chapter 3: Regulation and Governance

Part 2: Modern Risk Management

Chapter 4: The Mission, Organisation and Governance of Risk Management

Chapter 5: A Cartography of Banking Risks

Chapter 6: Operations Risk in Extreme Market Conditions

Chapter 7: Managing Legal Risk

Chapter 8: Managing Reputation Risk

Part 3: Current Practices in Banks

Chapter 9: Drawing Boards: Motivations and Responsibilities in the Boardroom

Chapter 10: Executive Compensation: Performance, Regulation and Ethics

Chapter 11: Fair Value, Auditing and Internal Controls

Chapter 12: A Framework for Risk-Bearing Governance