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Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics



Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics, Second Impression provides a practical guide to retail lending analytics and the risk assessment and risk management involved.

In response to the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, the US, EU, and other regulators worldwide have aggressively moved to require forward-looking loss forecasting and stress testing models of all lenders, including many who have never before created models. These crises exposed the frailty of many common approaches, but also highlighted which techniques worked.

This book describes the components necessary for creating robust and effective models for portfolio performance diagnostics, forecasting, stress testing and economic capital. These concepts are also extended to account-level scoring to show how to move from simple rank-ordering to scenario-based prediction of default probabilities for individual loans. All retail loan types are considered, including the modeling of securitised pools.

This book describes retail models in simple language yet it goes beyond just describing implementation as the majority of the book is filled with best practices from the author’s 15 years of experience in the industry and a wide range of industry examples. The book shows you the right way to use these models in many specific problem areas, typical results, how best to validate the models and pitfalls to avoid.

This is the only book describing a class of models that worked through the US mortgage crisis, it is the only book that presents models for all retail lending functions that can be integrated across an institution, and it is the only book that captures industry best practices for retail lending. Every retail lending analyst should read this as the textbook for their industry.

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Building on the solid foundation of the previous bestselling first impression, this extended updated impression walks through the various issues of retail lending and develops approaches to address the interaction between economic cycles and retail lending. The complexity of time is extensively explored: vintages, current time and maturity. Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics, Second Impression covers complex issues such as scenario based forecasting, stress testing, volatility analysis, economic capital and portfolio optimisation, credit scoring and last, but not least, model risk.

The book ends by providing examples of the application of nonlinear decomposition.These examples will provide you with rich data sets for exploring portfolio dynamics and improving portfolio management using nonlinear decomposition techniques.

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ISBN 9781782721116
Navision code MRL2
Publication date 10 Mar 2014
Size 155x235
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Daniel Rösch and Harald Scheule

Chapter 1 - Starting at the Top

Chapter 2 - Setting Up the Problem

Chapter 3 - Considering Multiple Vintages

Chapter 4 - Curve Taxonomy

Chapter 5 - Scenario-Based Forecasting

Chapter 6 - Stress Testing

Chapter 7 - Volatility Analysis and Economic Capital

Chapter 8 - Portfolio Optimization

Chapter 9 - Credit Scores and Account Management

Chapter 10 - Analysis of the US Mortgage Crisis

Chapter 11 - An example using SETI@home data

Chapter 12 - Examples of modelling vintages

Epilogue: It’s About Time