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Country and Political Risk: Second Edition

Edited By Sam Wilkin


This fully updated and revised second edition of Country and Political Risk expands upon the first edition, continuing to provide a fully comprehensive overview of the factors affecting global investment, including practical insights and research on assessing country risk and advice on how to manage a country risk portfolio.

Political and country risks have made for headline news in recent years, from Ukrainian political protests and sanctions on Russia to the catastrophic events occurring in the Middle East. This new edition focuses in particular on the new context within which these risks occur. Since the publication of the first edition, country risk events now take place in the advanced economies as well as emerging markets; equally significant is the fact that the regulatory scrutiny of country risk management practices has spread from banking to include insurance and, to a lesser extent, asset management.

Read the introduction for free here.

Listen to the editor Sam Wilkin at the Fletcher Conference on Managing Political Risk here.

Publish date: 9 Mar 2015

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Country and Political Risk: Second Edition

Book description

This comprehensive updating of the first edition of Country and Political Risk provides practitioners in the banking, insurance, and asset management sectors with a review of current country risk management best practices and an overview of the issues that affect global investment. It contains practical insights into how to assess these risks and advises the reader about how to manage a country risk portfolio.

Country and Political Risk provides a vital tool for portfolio and direct investors. Effective management of country risk is a regulatory requirement for banks and increasingly for insurers and asset managers as well. Readers will improve their own skills in country risk assessment and analysis; increase their understanding of best practice in country risk assessment and management in use in the banking sector today; and would be privy to the expertise of industry consultants and experts.

Book details

Book - 9781782722175 / eBook - 9781782722281
Publish date
9 Mar 2015
155mm x 235mm

Editor biography

Sam Wilkin

Sam Wilkin is Senior Advisor, Political Risk to Oxford Analytica and Senior Advisor, Business Research to Oxford Economics. Oxford Economics, founded in 1981 as a joint venture with Oxford University’s Templeton College, is one of the world’s foremost economic forecasting and research consultancies. Oxford Analytica, founded in 1975, is a leading geopolitical analysis and strategic advisory firm.

Sam previously served as head of business research at Oxford Economics, deputy director of the consultancy practice at Oxford Analytica, head of US political risk consulting for Aon Trade Credit, and director of country analysis for Marvin Zonis & Associates. Sam studied economics at Eckerd College and received his MA in international relations from the University of Chicago. He is co-author of Risk Rules: How Local Politics Threaten the Global Economy (Agate B2, 2011), and the editor of the first edition of Country and Political Risk (Risk Books, 2004). He is the author of numerous articles on political risk and economic development, including “Can Bad Governance Be Good for Development?” in Survival, the journal of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He was the 2004 alumni fellow for Eckerd College. He currently divides his time between New York and Oxford.

Table of contents

Preface: Two Economists' Views on the Bank-sovereign Linkage
Sam Wilkin (Oxford Analytica and Oxford Economics) in conversation with Martin Wolf and Martin Hellwig

Sam Wilkin (Oxford Analytica and Oxford Economics)

Part I: Assessing Country Risk

1. Assessing Country Risk: A Practical Guide
Pascaline della Faille (Delcredere | Ducroire)

2.Sovereign Risk: Characteristics, History and a Review of Recent Research
Christian Friedrich Buschmann (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)

3. The Arab Spring: Insights for Political Risk Analysis
Therese Feng (Jefferies Group LLC)

4. The Eurozone Crisis: The Forgotten Risks of Private and External Debt
Greetje Frankena, Daan Willebrands, John Lorié and Daniel Bosgraaf (Atradius Credit Insurance)

5. How the Eurozone Crisis Became a Banking Crisis, and the Risk of Japanization
Katsura Daikuhara (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe)

Part II: New Country Risk Issues and Indicators

6. The Changing Dynamics of Country Risk
Max Schieler (RobecoSAM)

7. Capital Flight as a Political Risk Indicator
Michel-Henry Bouchet (Skema Business School and North Sea Global Equity Management)

8. Debt Crisis Indicators of Emerging Markets vs. Eurozone Economies
Roberto Savona (University of Brescia), Marika Vezzoli (University of Brescia) and Enrico Ciavolino (University of Salento)

Part III: Improving Country Risk Management

9. How Much Economic Capital Could European Banks Save? The Case for Optimal Sovereign Risk Allocation
Carlo Capuano (Intesa Sanpaolo Bank) and Luigi Ruggerone

10. Fixing Fundamental Flaws in Probabilistic Country Risk Models
Bertrand Groslambert (SKEMA Business School)

11. Have We Learned the Country Risk Management Lessons of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis?
Christine Shields (Shields Economics)

12. Using Systems Thinking to Enhance Country Risk Assessment
Victoire de Groote and Seth Aslin (HSBC)

13. Approaches to Quantification of Country Risk
Paul Domjan (Roubini Global Economics)

14. Stress Testing Across International Exposures and Activities
Robert Scavotto and Robert Skinkle (Office of the Comptroller of Currency)


"A collection of essays by an impressive mix of mostly country risk practitioners...All together these essays make very useful and accessible contributions to the complex topic of country risk which is only becoming more difficult to manage with the rise of geo-political risks."

Mina Toksöz, author, The Economist Guide to Country Risk, and former Head of Country Risk, Standard Bank International

"A good read...a must-have."

Khalid Sheikh, Sheikh International Consultants, and former Head of Emerging Market Analysis, ABN AMRO

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Good book

Can learn a lot from this book.
Review by WNKB , 15/07/2015

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