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There has long been a struggle in financial institutions to understand what conduct risk is and how to measure and manage it. Conduct Risk: A Practitioner’s Guide, edited by Peter Haines, acts as the definitive guide to both understanding what it is and how to respond to that risk in order to ensure that organisations can satisfy the needs of the regulator and manage their conduct risk with customers.

Peter Haines and his team of expert contributors describe the rise of this risk, which currently sits at the top of the boardroom agenda for every major financial institution. Conduct Risk is intended for anyone trying to understand the nature of this risk and its impact on financial institutions.

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Many financial institutions have been heavily fined because of the conduct of their employees which ranged from the LIBOR scandal, money laundering activities, mis-selling of financial products including Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), interest rate protection, etc. The industry is struggling with how to manage conduct risk and the financial and reputational impacts. This issue remains at the top of banks’ agendas and has become of exponential interest to regulators.

Conduct Risk is addressed in both a holistic and practical way, allowing the reader to grasp the concept of conduct risk whilst also providing access to the appropriate information to resolve their immediate issue. An overview and analysis of conduct risk is set out, followed by a review of recent case studies and the associated challenges, drawing on the practical experience of those writing the specific chapters.

Conduct Risk demonstrates the alignment between conduct, culture, and behaviours, all of which need to be managed effectively and in harmony. It will inform thinking, encourage the resolution of problems, and enable boards and senior management to better challenge the current state of play.

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ISBN 9781782723219
Navision code MHAI
Publication date 12 Dec 2016
Size 155mm x 235mm
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Peter Haines

Peter is an Independent Senior Programme Manager based in London leading the delivery of large complex regulatory compliance programmes for financial services clients. He is a frequent speaker on Risk Management and has given talks at Christ’s College Cambridge, numerous events across London as well as at Pace University in New York.

He worked at the Financial Services Authority both in the policy and risk divisions before joining Price Waterhouse Coopers where he consulted to Banks and Insurers on regulatory change. Within this role he led the implementation of risk frameworks and spent long periods in emerging markets rolling out a UK headquartered group's policy framework. 

More recently he was a Programme Manager in the Front Office within the RBS Corporate and Institutional Bank. In this role he led a large programme of work to develop an Enterprise Wide Risk Appetite Dashboard covering key metrics and thresholds for Senior Executive Decision Making. The precursor to this was the successful delivery of a Conduct Risk Appetite Reporting suite developed with subject matter expertise gained throughout his previous roles.

Peter studied risk management at University in an environmental and operational context looking at the identification and management of operational risk in industry, principally human error and disaster scenarios.

Section 1 - Introduction and Overview                 

Foreword - Jeremy Heales

Introduction - Peter Haines

1. An Overview of Conduct Risk - Paul Sharma

2. How Does Conduct Risk Manifest and What Are Its Root Causes? - Annie Searle

3. What Are the Driving Forces and Who Owns Conduct Risk? - Sam Lee

4. Scope and Ownership Within the Business - Victoria Stubbs

5. Lessons from Financial Services  - Peter Haines

Section 2 - Responding to the Challenge                             

6. Ethical Culture: What, Why and How  - Elizabeth Sheedy

7. Language and Conduct Risk: Limited Language - Big Blind Spots - Clare Payne

8. An Anthropological Perspective on Conduct Risk - Dominic Fielding and Dave Ingram

9. Identifying and Measuring Conduct Risk - Paul Brady and Gabriella Barker

10. Risk Appetite Setting and Modelling of Conduct Risk - Peter Mitic

11. The Effect of Conduct Risk Losses on Reputation - Peter Mitic

12. Bringing the Customer Back to the Foreground: The End of Conduct Risk? - Bertrand Hassani

13. Managing Conduct Risk - Kimon de Ridder

14. Closing Comments on the Future of Conduct Risk - Wei Yang, Bertrand Hassani, Peter Mitic, Clare Payne, Elizabeth Sheedy, Annie Searle and Kimon de Ridder