An Introduction to Investment Funds

An Introduction to Investment Funds

Risk Culture and Effective Risk Governance

Risk Culture and Effective Risk Governance

Collateral and Financial Plumbing (2nd Impression)


Collateral management in monetising assets has never been more important, policy makers recognising this fact have started to pay increased attention to the complex collateral plumbing that is fundamental to monetary policy, lending and enabling growth in the economy.

Now with two additional chapters covering the breakdown of financial plumbing and monetary policy transmission, this updated impression provides the insight and wisdom delivered in the first impression of this book along with the latest techniques and know-how needed when monetising assets.

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Collateral is one of the building blocks on which the financial markets are constructed.  Used for a number of purposes - including trading with central counterparties (CCPs), secured funding with market counterparties and central banks, OTC derivatives margining and settlement - the role of effective collateral management in monetising assets has never been more important.

Until now, policy makers have tended to ignore the complex collateral plumbing that is fundamental to lending and enabling growth in the economy. Attention is now focussed on this important issue.

This book, the first of its kind, is written by the leading authority on collateral Manmohan Singh.  He leads you through the complex world highlighting the importance of financial plumbing and provides a practical understanding of how financial collateral moves across jurisdictions. Also, the discussion on restricting collateral velocity and how it links to monetary policy rate cycle is original.

This is a must have - and now updated - guide to navigating the future as rules and regulations for the global financial markets are redrawn.

Through a thorough examination of the role collateral plays in the market you will gain a deeper understanding of complex and important themes that are likely to remain topical in the near future.

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Publication date 7 Sep 2016
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Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh writes extensively on topical issues including collateral and monetary policy, rehypothecation and velocity of collateral, deleveraging in financial markets, shadow banking, and counterparty risk in OTC derivatives. His articles have frequently appeared in the Financial Times, the Wall Street JournalEuromoneyRisk, the Journal of Financial Infrastructures and other publications. His work experience covers several countries, including the UK, the US, Chile, India, Japan, Hungary, Poland, the Gulf countries and, more recently, peripheral Europe.

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1 Collateral in Financial Plumbing

2 Collateral Velocity

3 The Economics of Shadow Banking

4 Collateral and Monetary Policy

5 Money, Collateral and Safe Assets

6 Collateral and the OTC Derivatives Market

7 The Changing Collateral Space

8 The Collateral Infrastructures

9 The Sovereign–Bank Nexus via OTC Derivatives

10 When Financial Plumbing Breaks Down: An Example from

Central Counterparties

11 Transmission of Monetary Policy – Fed’s Lift-off and

Collateral Reuse

12 Conclusion