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The Handbook of Corporate Financial Risk Management

By Stanley Myint and Fabrice Famery


The Handbook of Corporate Financial Risk Management, written by Stanley Myint and Fabrice Famery, guides you intuitively through all possible risk-related problems you will encounter on a regular basis, leading from one component of corporate risk management to the next until you have all the solutions you require. Each section of the book contains a collection of real-life case studies which BNP Paribas have worked on, beginning with the problems these cases exhibited and concluding with the solutions BNP Paribas found best resolved these.

"This topical book could not have come at a better moment. It illustrates the power of a systematic, quantitative and analytical approach to Financial Risk, which is even more important in these turbulent times."
Thomas Bartelt, Head of Financial Risk Controlling, Volkswagen

Publish date: 30 Oct 2012

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The Handbook of Corporate Financial Risk Management

Book description

The financial crisis destroyed long-cherished notions of risk and how to manage it. In its wake, CFOs and Treasurers face a world where constants are no longer sure to hold, markets can no longer be certain to price and no position is risk free.

As a result, corporations around the world increasingly recognise the value in paying even more attention to managing financial risks. Deciding to hedge may seem a logical way to do this.

But how exactly do you hedge financial risks? How should your debt be structured? How do you determine which risks to hedge first, and which ones (if any) should be left unhedged?

With the scrutiny of risk management and market uncertainty at all-time highs, The Handbook of Corporate Financial Risk Management, written by Stanley Myint and Fabrice Famery of BNP Paribas, addresses these very real problems, providing a detailed guide to the financial risks faced by corporates, and how to manage them.

The book contains a unique set of case studies drawing on real-life industry experience and is organised around the challenges treasurers and treasuries face every day: 

•    Funding
•    Interest rate and inflation risks
•    Currency risk
•    Credit risk
•    M&A related risks
•    Commodity risk

This book is an essential resource for all risk management professionals and practitioners - treasurers, CFOs, CROs, CEOs, FDs, traders; accountants, consultants; corporate bankers, coverage officers, corporate financiers, private equity investors; academics and students in the field of corporate risk management.

Book details

Book 9781906348922 / EBook 9781782720034
Publish date
30 Oct 2012
155mm x 235mm

Author biography

Stanley Myint and Fabrice Famery

Stanley Myint heads the risk management advisory team at BNP Paribas and has 18 years of experience in this field. The mandate of the team is to advise key corporate clients of BNP Paribas on issues related to financial risk management, particularly with regards to interest rate, currency, inflation and credit risk. His approach is a mixture of quantitative finance and corporate finance. Prior to BNP Paribas, Stanley worked at The Royal Bank of Scotland, McKinsey & Company and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, always in the field of risk management. Stanley has published several articles in Risk Books publications and Risk magazine. Stanley has a PhD in physics from Boston University and a BSc in physics from Belgrade University (Serbia).

Fabrice Famery is head of rates and FX corporate sales for Europe at BNP Paribas. His group provides corporate clients with hedging solutions across interest rate and foreign exchange asset classes. Corporate risk management has been the focus of Fabrice’s professional path for the past 24 years. He spent the first seven years of his career in the treasury department of the energy company ELF, then, in 1996, joined Paribas (now BNP Paribas), where he occupied various positions including FX derivative marketer, head of the FX advisory group and head of the fixed income corporate solutions group. Fabrice has published articles in Finance Director Europe and Risk magazine.He has a Master’s degree in international affairs from Dauphine University (France).

Table of contents

Foreword by Pascal Quiry


Section 1: Funding


Chapter 1: How to Obtain a Credit Rating

Chapter 2: The Intermediated Exchange

Chapter 3: Cash Tender Offer

Chapter 4: Optimal Debt Duration via Merton’s Model

Chapter 5: Funding Cost Drivers

Section 2: Interest Rate and Inflation Risks


Chapter 6: How to Develop an Interest Rate Hedging Policy

Chapter 7: How to Improve Your Fixed-Floating Mix and Duration

Chapter 8: Impact of Fixed-Floating Policy on Company Valuation

Chapter 9: Do You Need Inflation-Linked Debt?

Chapter 10: Prehedging Interest Rate Risk

Chapter 11: When to Prehedge

Chapter 12: Constrained Maturity Optimisation

Chapter 13: Asset and Liability Management

Chapter 14: Pension Fund Asset and Liability Management

Section 3: Currency Risk


Chapter 15: How to Develop a Foreign Exchange Policy

Chapter 16: Netting Foreign Exchange Risks

Chapter 17: Managing the Risk from Emerging Market Currencies

Chapter 18: Currency risk on Covenants

Chapter 19: How to Manage Translation Risk

Chapter 20: Managing Foreign Exchange Risk with a Dynamic Options Strategy

Section 4: Credit Risk


Chapter 21: Counterparty Risk Methodology

Chapter 22: Counterparty Risk Protection

Chapter 23: Optimal Deposit Composition

Chapter 24: Prehedging Credit Risk

Section 5: M&A-Related Risks


Chapter 25: Rating Impact of the Acquisition

Chapter 26: Risk Management for M&A

Chapter 27: Amendments to Bond Documentation

Chapter 28: Monetising Deferred Consideration

Chapter 29: Hedging Uncertain Exposures

Section 6: Commodity Risk


Chapter 30: Managing Commodity-Linked Revenues and Currency Risk

Chapter 31: Managing Commodity-Linked Costs and Currency Risk


"As a newly minted CFO this book, packed with real life business cases, has been instrumental in forming my views and action plan to address the Group’s corporate risk. Highly recommended, if not a must, read for students and business professionals alike."
Eric Hageman, Chief Financial Officer, KPN Royal Dutch Telecom

"This unique book provides a comprehensive overview of corporate risk management topics and will prove to be very useful to Treasurers and Financial Directors in their daily activities"
Alessandro Canta, Head of Group Finance, ENEL

"This Handbook is rigorous, clear, and ruthlessly practical. Up-to-date examples are drawn from the authors' first-hand experience of meeting their own clients' complex needs. I can see this becoming required reading for anyone involved in managing corporate finance risk, and a key reference in the field."
Dr. Howard Jones, Senior Research Fellow in Finance, Saïd Business School, Oxford University

"This topical book could not have come at a better moment. It illustrates the power of a systematic, quantitative and analytical approach to Financial Risk, which is even more important in these turbulent times."
Thomas Bartelt, Head of Financial Risk Controlling, Volkswagen

"I will use and I will recommend (this) book to the MBA students and to the participants of the executive programs in which I am teaching. It is a very unique mix of theory and practice and I am really convinced it will be of great help to everybody having to deal with financial risk management."
Marc Bertoneche, Visiting Professor of Finance, Harvard Business school

Customer Reviews

Average customer reviews for The Handbook of Corporate Financial Risk Management

Master Class Risk

The Handbook of Corporate Financial Risk Management is used to support the Masters Class Risk at the Rotterdam Business School.

The book was selected to make master students aware of Corporate Financial Risk. The book is build up in a structured and consistent way, to make the drivers of the financial risk obvious, which are explained by using practical examples, finalized by a conclusion and recommendation relative to the financial risk subjects. The future decision makers will understand the financial risk elements after reading and discussing and will use the knowledge to make strategic decisions for their companies. The content of the book is very useful for Finance and Business Administrative Master Students.
Review by Ronald van Megen , 06/02/2014

Excellent contribution to the literature

The authors have provided an excellent treatise on financial risk management for non-financial corporations. The book is a unique contribution to the risk management literature which has tended to focus largely on the risk management of financial institutions. The real case studies bring life to the risks treated in the book which include interest rate risk, currency risk, credit risk and commodity price risk. I highly recommend the book.
Review by Scott Linn , 06/02/2014

Really handy/practical book

I found this book particularly helpful on a day-to-day basis. The author has obviously real life experience with Treasurers/CFO which makes the book really practical. He is developing a rational and methodical approach towards financial risk and this is of a great help in my job
Review by Gibran , 06/02/2014

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