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The Finance of Climate Change

Edited By Kenny Tang


A comprehensive guide for global investors, banks, governments, corporations, insurance companies and carbon traders that covers the role of climate change and carbon as a determinant of financial and corporate value.

Publish date: 1 Jul 2005

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Book description

Illustrates the increasingly important role played by financial markets in government and corporate initiatives designed to combat global warming and climate change. Investigates the financing, insuring and investing effects of climate change.

This book informs, educates and manages the expectations of investors, governments, project developers and financiers. It enables these parties to operate more effectively, based on a better understanding of each other’s requirements and risk appetites through the dissemination of best practices, case studies and lessons learned.

Book details

Publish date
1 Jul 2005
155mm x 235mm

Editor biography

Kenny Tang

Kenny Tang is founder and chief executive officer of Oxbridge Capital and Oxbridge Weather Capital, leading experts in the waste, weather, low carbon, clean tech and climate change space. Kenny has postgraduate degrees from Jesus College at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, including a Doctorate in business administration (business strategy) from the Judge Business School. He is the Inaugural Professorial Fellow of The Future Leadership Institute (Wall Street Journal Europe).

Dubbed as Asia’s Al Gore by leading global investment bank Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific and global strategy magazine Strategic Direction, Kenny has written on sustainability, climate change, clean tech, waste and green entrepreneurship for the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. He is on the board of governors at the University of East London and also a visiting fellow/adjunct professor teaching on the world’s first MBA in strategic carbon management at the Norwich Business School (University of East Anglia).

He sits on the Global Judging Panel of the Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Awards and the Asian Wall Street Journal’s Asian Innovation Awards. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder from the CFA Institute.

Table of contents


Kenny Tang

Oxbridge Capital


1 A Changing Climate for the Finance and Insurance Sector

Kenny Tang; Andrew Dlugolecki

Oxbridge Capital; University of East Anglia

2 Climate Change and Capital

James Cameron, James Allen

Climate Change Capital

3 The "Finance-Policy" Gap: Policy Conditions for Attracting Long-Term Investment

Kirsty Hamilton

International Policy Consultant

4 REEEPing the Benefits: The Case for Renewable Energy

Marianne Moscoso-Osterkorn, Mike Allen



5 Commodifying Carbon

Martijn Wilder, Monique Willis, Katherine Lake

Baker McKenzie

6 Securing Investment for Climate-Friendly Projects: Uses and Limitations of Carbon Trading

Karen McClellan


7 Unlocking Additionality in CDM Projects

Gerhard Mulder


8 Procuring Carbon: The Dutch JI/CDM Approach Through ERUPT/CERUPT

Stefan Leclaire, Daniël van der Weerd


9 Financing Photovoltaic Projects - Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?

Stefan Schmitz

Field Fisher Waterhouse


10 Carbon Facilities as a Means of Sourcing Emission-Reduction Credits

Pedro Moura Costa; Bruce Usher; Allan Walker

EcoSecurities; Standard Bank

11 Purchasing Pools in Corporate Carbon Compliance: Survey of the Strategic Advantages

Dirk Forrister; Paul Vickers

Natsource Europe (London); Natsource Asset Management

12 Choices Facing Firms in a CO2 Cap-and-Trade Emissions Trading Scheme

Charles Donovan; Mustafa Hussain

Enviros Consulting; Frontier Economics

13 Banking the Valuation of the Commons

Claire Byers

Fortis Bank

14 Weather Derivatives and Carbon Emissions Trading

Stephen Jewson; Stuart Jones

RMS; Centrica

15 Verifying Value: The Anchor for the Carbon Emissions Markets

James Anderson



16 Corporate Carbon Disclosure - The Work of the CDP

Paul Dickinson

Carbon Disclosure Project

17 Investor Collaboration on Climate Change: The Work of the IIGCC

Rory Sullivan; Nick Robins; David Russell; Helen Barnes

Insight Investment; Henderson Global Investors;

Universities Superannuation Scheme; IIGCC

18 Climate Change, Investment Risk and Fiduciary Responsibility

Matthew Kiernan

Innovest Strategic Value Advisors


19 Climate Change and the Automotive Industry - Impact on Companies’ Value

Philipp Mettler

SAM Research AG

20 Climate Change Policies and Energy Intensive Industry

David Pocklington, Richard Leese

British Cement Association

21 Best Practice in Strategies for Managing Carbon

Abyd Karmali

ICF Consulting

22 Aviation and Climate Change: Can Emissions Trading Deliver a Solution?

Andrew Sentance, Andy Kershaw

British Airways

23 Insuring Climate Change: Implications for the Insurance Industry

George Walker; Charles Crosthwaite Eyre; Alan Punter

Aon Re Australia; IRMG, Aon Ltd; Aon Capital Services Ltd

24 Protecting Your Carbon Asset: Risk and Insurance in the Greenhouse Gas Markets

Christopher Walker, Brian Thomas

Swiss Re


25 CDM Financing and its Practice - An Asian Perspective

Kyoko Tochikawa, Mari Yoshitaka, Junji Hatano

Mitsubishi Securities

26 CDM and Renewable Energy in China

Lu Xuedu; Li Junfeng; Song Yanqin; Liu Yingchun

Tsinghua University; Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association; Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission; Building Capacity for CDM in China

27 Making Climate-Change Investments in Emerging-Market Countries

Mark Goldsmith, Ben McKeown

Actis Capital LLP

28 The Clean Development Mechanism in Sub-Saharan Africa: Left Out but not Left Behind

William Greene


29 The Spectre of Liability: Part 1 - Attribution

Myles Allen

Oxford University

30 The Spectre of Liability: Part 2 - Implications

Myles Allen

Oxford University


“It is my belief that climate change presents a significant long-term threat to the world. Climate change is now more than the subject of scientific analysis or environmental campaigning. It is on the board agendas of the world’s financial institutions, multinational companies, and businesses. In a single book “The Finance of Climate Change“ shows those opportunities presented to business in the transition to a low carbon economy. I commend it as a valuable and comprehensive resource.“

Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister

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