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Strategic Technology Risk

By Patrick McConnell


Information technology has changed banking.  The power dynamics between financial institutions and their customers has shifted, and having a sound technology risk strategy is more important than ever.  The importance of managing technology risk is only increasing following large scale outages experienced by financial institutions, such as Royal Bank of Scotland, DBS and Mizuho banks.

The failure of a firm’s technology strategy can, as in the case of Co-Operative bank, have a disastrous impact on a firm, its customers, staff and shareholders.  Yet in the eagerness to develop a new corporate strategy, the integration of technology risk management and strategic objectives is often forgotten, or addressed too late; this book aims to fill this gap.   

Publish date: 31 Aug 2017

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Book - Strategic Technology Risk

Book description

In Strategic Technology Risk, Pat McConnell examines the topical and important area of strategic technology risk management (STRM), or the risks posed to a firm by a failure to integrate technology into its strategic plans and business operations. The book will improve the management of technology risk within organisations by focusing on the processes of developing technology strategies that are totally embedded in corporate strategies.

The book is practical, rooted in real-world case studies and research into technology strategy development and risk management. Chapters include:

  • Technology: Innovation, Convergence and Disruption
  • Technology Strategy and Strategic Technology Risks
  • Strategic Technology Positioning, Execution and Operations Risks
  • Regulation of Strategic Technology Risks
  • Strategic IT Baseline
  • Core Systems Replacement Risks
  • Management of Strategic Technology Risks
  • Register of Strategic Technology Risks


In particular, the Register chapter is designed to save firms significant effort, time and as a result, money, in developing their own Strategic Technology Risk Register. 

The book is aimed at board and senior-management level, those responsible for setting strategy and managing risks in an organisation and practitioners in the technology and risk-management organisations within financial institutions.  It is also aimed at analysts and investors who are interested in investing in large corporations based on their long-term strategies.

Book details

Book - 9781782723431
Publish date
31 Aug 2017
155mm x 235mm

Author biography

Patrick McConnell

Dr Patrick McConnell has been a senior executive in, and a consultant to, large international corporations, financial institutions and governments on multiple continents for over 35 years. His expertise is in risk management and information technology. In his academic career, Dr McConnell has taught post-graduate and executive courses in Australia, China, Japan, India and Ireland.  He has published widely in books and academic journals, especially on strategic risk and operational risk management. He holds a doctorate in business administration and degrees in pure and applied mathematics, is a fellow of the British Computer Society and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Table of contents


PART 1: Concepts and Theory

1 Technology: Innovation, Convergence and Disruption

2 Strategy and Strategic Risk

3 Technology Strategy

4 Strategic Technology Risks

5 Stability, Flexibility and Standards

PART 2: Examples and Case Studies

6 Strategic Technology Positioning Risks

7 Strategic Technology Execution Risks

8 Strategic Technology Operations Risks

9 Core Systems Replacement

PART 3: Challenges, Governance and Regulation

10 Regulation of Strategic Technology Risks

11 Strategic Technology Governance Risks

12 Strategic Technology Risk Management

13 Strategic IT Baseline

14 Register of Strategic Technology Risks

15 Conclusion 

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