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Sovereign Wealth Management

Edited By Jennifer Johnson-Calari and Malan Rietveld


"This volume presents the accumulated wisdom of a dream team of advisors to help navigate the difficult choices official institutions face in managing their sovereign wealth." - Peter Fisher, former head of market operations and reserve management at the New York Fed.

A Central Banking Publications Book

Publish date: 25 Jan 2008

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Book description

Sovereign Wealth Management is the first book-length volume of its kind to explore these developments and consider best-practice on how to establish funds to handle competing demands for spending, saving and investment.

Book details

Publish date
25 Jan 2008
170mm x 245mm

Editor biography

Jennifer Johnson-Calari and Malan Rietveld

Jennifer Johnson-Calari is director of Sovereign Investment Partnerships at the World Bank Treasury. In this capacity she has worked extensively as an advisor to central banks, governments and other official financial institutions. Prior to this she managed substantial fixed income global portfolios for World Bank clients and the World Bank pension fund. Before joining the Bank, Ms Johnson-Calari led the supervisory work on market risk management and derivatives for multinational banks at the office of the United States Comptroller of the Currency and was a senior financial analyst at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. She has contributed to several books and journals on issues relating to the management commodity fund revenue and portfolio risk management. She holds a masters degree in international economics from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and is a chartered financial analyst.

Malan Rietveld is economics editor at Central Banking Publications. He holds an MSc in economics from the University of Leuven, and an MSc in economic history from the London School of Economics.

Table of contents

The changing role of sovereign wealth managers

Malan Rietveld, Central Banking Publications

Asset-liability management in emerging economies

Mohamed El-Erian, President, Harvard Management Company

Managing commodity revenues and windfall profits: investment income funds

Jennifer Johnson-Calari, The World Bank Treasury

A coordinated strategy for assets and liabilities: the Mexican experience

Guillermo Ortiz, Governor, Bank of Mexico

Five tough questions in national asset management

Philipp Hildebrand, Member Of The Governing Board, National Bank of Switzerland

Opportunities in an era of large and growing official wealth

Larry Summers, former US Secretary of the Treasury

Managing sovereign assets and liabilities: the role of debt management offices

Mike Williams, former Managing Director, UK Debt Management Office

An alternative Sharpe ration for sovereign wealth funds

Bernard Lee, BlackRock Inc.

A new framework for risk and sovereign wealth management

Dale Gray, Senior Risk Advisor, IMF

Asset allocation and risk management for sovereign wealth funds

Fred Weinberger and Bennett Golub, BlackRock Inc.

Norway’s Government Petroleum Fund

Knut N. Kjær, Executive Director, Norges Bank Investment Management

Traditional reserves and managing commodity revenues: The case of Botswana

Linah Mohohlo, Governor, Bank of Botswana

A word to the wise: managing Alaska’s oil wealth

Steve Cowper, former Governor of Alaska

Combating the mineral curse: the case of Wyoming

Cynthia Lummis, State Treasurer, Wyoming

Kazakhstan’s National Oil Fund

Medet Sartbayev, Deputy Governor, National Bank of Kazakhstan

KIC and the Bank of Korea relations

Changyong Rhee, Professor Of Economics, Seoul National University

Reserve management in the Eurosystem: from liquidity to return

Age Bakker and Ingmar van Herpt, The Netherlands Bank

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