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Risk Management for Insurers, Third Edition

By René Doff


This fully updated user-friendly third edition of Risk Management for Insurers will quickly help you get to grips with risk management terms and techniques, and how they relate specifically to the insurance industry. It also demonstrates how Solvency II is already shaping the regulatory agenda and its likely impact on the insurance industry.

Read the introduction here to get a full overview.

Publish date: 29 Jun 2015

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Book - Risk Management for Insurers, Third Edition

Book description

The introduction of Solvency II will drastically redesign the supervisory rules for regulatory capital for insurance companies. The insurance industry is therefore in desperate need of an up-to-date risk management book which contains a comprehensive exploration of Solvency II before implementation begins. The resilience of risk management systems in anticipation of Solvency II must be ensured.

This incredibly timely new edition of Risk Management for Insurers places this regulation within the wider context of insurance risk management best practice. Industry expert René Doff presents this fully updated accessible reference for the whole insurance industry that newly includes:

  • More detailed discussion of Solvency II, with its three pillars examined separately;
  • The latest technical guidance from the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority and the European Commission;
  • The impact of risk governance and risk culture;
  • An up-to-date overview of Basel III; and
  • The significance of the International Financial Reporting Standards.

Risk Management for Insurers emphasises practical risk management concepts, rather than technical calculations and detailed theory. What's more, all concepts and terms are applied to clear illustrative examples and the regulation and supervision developments are simple to follow.

The book is recommended for risk managers, actuaries, controllers, accountants, auditors, corporate finance managers, underwriting and reinsurance managers, investment managers, equity analysts and financial consultants.

Book details

Book - 9781782722229 / eBook - 9781782722465
Publish date
29 Jun 2015
155mm x 235mm

Author biography

René Doff

René Doff is an enterprise risk management (ERM) and Solvency II specialist, working as an independent trainer and consultant. He has held positions at various banks and insurance companies across Europe, including the European Insurance Federation, and set up and chaired the first Solvency II working group in the Neth­erlands. In addition to his writing on insurance issues, René edited The Solvency II Handbook: Practical Approaches to Implementation, has contributed to a number of practitioner journals, teaches at the University of Amsterdam and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Table of contents


1. Introduction

2. Risk Management

3. Financial Economics of Insurance

4. Underwriting Risks: Life Risk and Non-life Risk

5. Investment Risks: Market, Credit and Liquidity Risk

6. Non-financial Risks: Operational and Business Risk

7. The Financial Crisis: Consequences for Insurers

8. Insurance Supervision: From Solvency I to Solvency II

9. Insurance Supervision Outside the EU

10. Pillar I of Solvency II

11. Pillar II of Solvency II

12. Pillar III of Solvency II

13. Accounting Regulations

14. Banking Supervision: From Basel I to III

15. Management Control

16. Organising Risk Management

17. Bringing All the Strands Together

Customer Reviews

Average customer reviews for Risk Management for Insurers, Third Edition

Great investment, this book teaches all you need to know about risk management for insurers

As a strategy consultant this book has helped me to understand the history and impact of Solvency II on the insurance industry. It answered all the questions on risk management that I was afraid to ask (eg. about VaR, embedded options, economic capital, SCR, similarity with Basel III, COSO framework etc), and it has helped me to prepare board level presentations linking state of the art risk management insights with scenario based strategy methodologies. Academic quality combined with practical value!
Review by Paul de Ruijter , 19/10/2015

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