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Portfolio Management

Edited By Bernd Scherer


'Portfolio management has advanced to a highly specialised and quantitative discipline. This volume provides an overview of the theoretical framework underlying portfolio management as well as an insight into current trends’ – from the Introduction, by Bernd Scherer.

Publish date: 1 Aug 2008

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Book description

Edited by Bernd Scherer, the leading expert in the portfolio management field, this collection of technical papers on this complex area is the second book in the new Cutting Edge series.

The last decade saw a gradual narrowing between the buy side (asset management) and sell side (investment banking and in particular sales and trading). Risk magazine has been at the forefront of this development. Contributions from leading practitioners and academics have shaped the industry with three areas of main focus that have automatically evolved:

  • view generation;
  • portfolio construction and risk budgeting;
  • risk management and performance measurement.

Each of the above identifies a distinct step in the portfolio management process. The selection of papers will allow readers to see how academic thinking has developed; how market applications and practitioner usage has evolved and how things might develop in the future.

Portfolio Management will enable you to implement more effective risk management strategies within your business and it will serve as an excellent guide and ideas generator.

Risk Books Cutting Edge series:

The Risk Books Cutting Edge Series is a new series that presents key technical papers drawn from the Cutting Edge section of Risk.net, the world’s leading financial risk management magazine. Each volume provides an introduction from an industry expert, and explores how academic thinking has developed over the years, how market applications and practitioner usage has evolved, and future developments in the field.

Also available in the Risk Books Cutting Edge series:

Theory and Practice of Credit Risk Modelling, introduced by Alexander Lipton

Book details

Publish date
1 Aug 2008
155mm x 235mm

Editor biography

Bernd Scherer

Bernd Scherer is Chief Scientific Officer for First Private Asset Management. During his 21 years career he worked in senior positions for various hedge funds, asset management companies and banks in Frankfurt, London, New York and Vienna as well as Professor of Finance for EDHEC business school. His academic work has been published in Journals like the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Markets, Journal of Economics and Statistics, Quantitative Finance, Journal of Derivatives, Journal of Portfolio Management, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Investment Management, Risk, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, Journal of Asset Management etc.. Bernd is author/editor of 8 books on quantitative asset management. He holds MBA and MSc degrees from the University of Augsburg and the University of London, as well as a PhD in finance from the University of Giessen.

Table of contents


About the Editor

About the Authors


Bernd Scherer


1. Beyond Black-Litterman: Views on Non-normal Markets

Attilio Meucci

2. Beyond Black-Litterman in Practice

Attilio Meucci

3. The Two-factor Black-Litterman Model

Hari Krishnan; Norman Mains

4. Assessing Views

Gianluca Fusai; Attilio Meucci


5. Preparing the Best Risk Budget

Bernd Scherer

6. Core Satellite Investing: Harmony Through Separation

Bernd Scherer

7. Broadening Horizons

Attilio Meucci

8. Hedging of Corporate Pension Liabilities

Bernd Scherer


9. Portfolio Skew and Kurtosis

David Buckle

10. VaR for Fund Managers

Stephen Rees

11. Style-based Value-at-Risk for UK Equities

Stephen Rees

12. Risk Contributions from Generic User-defined Factors

Attilio Meucci

13. Understanding Variations in the Risk of Multi-Strategy Portfolios

Gang Jiang; Bob Litterman; Jacob Rosengarten

14. Low Default Portfolios Without Simulation

Tom Wilde and Lee Jackson

15. Sharpe Thinking

Kevin Dowd

16. Generalising Universal Performance Measures

Theofanis Darsinos; Stephen Satchell

17. Omega Portfolio Construction with Johnson Distributions

Alexander Passow


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