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Operational Risk: Practical Approaches

Edited By Ellen Davis


Topical, innovative and highly practical, this powerful resource from Risk Books will help you successfully develop and enhance the operational risk function in your firm

Publish date: 1 Mar 2005

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Book description

Edited by Ellen Leander Davis, the editor of Operational Risk magazine, this book collates the work of the leading experts in the field. There is no more up-to-date and authoritative title on this subject and anyone charged with implementing or understanding an operational risk management programme at a financial firm will find it essential reading. All the key issues, from loss data collection, to loss mitigation strategies are covered in this time-saving volume.

  • Highly practical focus explains operational risk regulatory matters and specifically aids you with the practical implementation of an operational risk programme in your organisation.
  • Provides easy access to the very latest thinking on Operational risk from the biggest names in the field including: Marco Moscadelli, Marcus Haas, Thomas Kaiser and Maurits Bakker.
  • Collates the latest, most influential and ground-breaking work recently published in, among others, Operational Risk magazine.
  • Makes it easy for first-timers to implement a regulatory compliance framework by providing an essential route-map that clearly shows you how to do this effectively and efficiently
  • Split into 4 easy access sections:
  • Loss data collection and modelling - offers a range of novel, practical approaches to solve the notoriously complex challenges associated with the collection and modelling of internal and external loss data.
  • Alternative measurement strategies - with detailed guidance on key risk indicators and scenario testing among other alternative tools, this section offers highly practical solutions informed by ’real life’ situations.
  • Conceptualising operational risk management - all about turning operational risk measurement into action - this section will help you conceptualise your op risk approach and outline an effective implementation strategy.
  • Mitigation strategies - the ultimate goal of most operational risk strategies, here you will find a range of invaluable case-studies to provide a definitive assessment of the growing mitigation techniques available.

Book details

Publish date
1 Mar 2005
155mm x 235mm

Editor biography

Ellen Davis

Ellen Davis is the head of risk insight in Thomson Reuters’ governance, risk and compliance division and is based in London. Previously she spent 14 years at Incisive Media, where she worked with a cross-company team to shape the online editorial presence of the division that publishes Risk magazine, as divisional online editor. Prior to this she was the editor and publisher of Operational Risk & Regulation magazine, and editor of AsiaRisk magazine based in Hong Kong. Originally from the US, she holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business and she wrote about capital markets, corporate finance, and emerging markets for various publications while living in New York City during the 1990s. Ellen continues to enjoy discussing the risk management challenges facing individuals, organisations, and regulators around the world.

Table of contents


Ellen Davis, Incisive Media


1 Using Transaction Data to Measure Operational Risk

Peter Hughes


2 Tail Dependency in Operational Risk Models

Ahraz Sheikh, John Gavin,

UBS Investment Bank

3 Correlation and Diversification Effects in Operational Risk Modelling

Antoine Frachot, Thierry Roncalli, Eric Salomon

Crédit Agricole

4 The Modelling of Operational Risk: Experience with the Analysis of the Data Collected by the Basel Committee

Marco Moscadelli

Bank of Italy


5 Quantifying Operational Risk within Banks According to Basel II

M. R. A. Bakker

Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics

6 A Foundation for KPI and KRI

Peter Vinella, Jeanette Jin

PVA International

7 Building Scenarios

Kenji Fujii

UFJ Holdings

8 The Risk Indicator Framework as a Tool for AMA Exposure Analysis

Martin Davies

Causal Events Pty Ltd


9 Model Behaviour

Christopher Viney

Deakin University

10 Prerequisites for Effective Operational Risk Management and Efficient Risk-based Decision Making

Marcus Haas; Thomas Kaiser

Frankfurt University; KPMG

11 An Operational Risk Management Framework

Gene Álvarez

12 Aligning Basel II Operational Risk and Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Projects

Nick Bolton, Judson Berkey


13 Sarbanes-Oxley, Corporate Governance and Operational Risk

Alan D. Morrison

Saïd Business School


14 Managing Hedge Funds’ Exposure to Operational Risks: Parts 1-3

Jean-René Giraud

Edhec-Risk Advisory

15 Reducing Risk Through Insurance

Silke Brandts

Bain & Company

16 What is a Fair Price to Transfer the Risk of Unauthorised Trading? A Case Study on Operational Risk

Christopher M. Lewis; Yakov Lantsman

The Hartford Financial Services Group; Fitch Risk Management, Inc.

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