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Operational Risk Perspectives: Cyber, Big Data, and Emerging Risks



Operational Risk Perspectives: Cyber, Big Data, and Emerging Risks covers key topics related to operational risk currently on the minds of practitioners. The book is comprised of chapters written by both industry professionals and academic experts who provide an overview of the current state of this discipline.

Contributors include: Sanjay Sharma (Chief Risk Officer, Global Arbitrage and Trading, RBC Capital Markets); Pankaj Singal (SVP, Citibank); Samantha Roberts (SVP, Retail Credit Modeling, PNC); Rajat Baijal (Head of Enterprise Risk, Cantor Fitzgerald/BGC Partners); and Richard Cech (Senior Bank Examiner, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York).

Subjects include:

- The Risks of Blockchain
- Fintech vs Traditional Banking
- Cyber Security
- Operational Risk in Liquidity Risk Management
- The Proposed Standardised Measurement Approach (SMA) for Calculating Risk Capital
- Operational Risk Modelling
- The Emerging Risk Review Committee

Operational Risk Perspectives: Cyber, Big Data, and Emerging Risks shares the professional experiences of its contributors and investigates the top operational risk concerns at the forefront of the industry.

Publish date: 30 Nov 2016

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Operational Risk Perspectives: Cyber, Big Data, and Other Emerging Risks


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Book description

Operational risk professionals have found themselves experiencing an evolution within the scope of their professional lives. They have had to become more strategic than managerial, with their role expanding to include a broader set of skills and array of responsibilities than ever before.

Operational risk managers are faced with more intensive regulation, the acceleration of technology and cyber risks, and an increasing demand for continuity between strategic initiatives and operational risk reports, particularly when it comes to communication with the board.

If not properly identified and managed, emerging operational risks can have devastating effects on an organisation. However, the identification of these risks isn’t easy, and operational risk managers are looking for ways to update their analytics to help provide insight into emerging risk trends.

In Operational Risk Perspectives: Cyber, Big Data, and Emerging Risks, editors D.R. Maurice and Jitendra Rathod assemble a team of experts who examine the latest of these operational risk issues, from cyber to block chain to cross-border information sharing and beyond.


Book details

Book : 9781782722618 / eBook : 9781782722618
Publish date
30 Nov 2016
155mm x 235mm

Author biography

Table of contents

Part 1: Cyber Security,Technology, Blockchain and FinTech Risks  


1. Cyber Security - Simon Ashby and Andy Phippen

2. Cybersecurity and Technology Risk - Jack Freund

3. Blockchain Technology: Emerging Opportunities and Risks - Alpesh Doshi

4. Big Data and FinTech: Current Debate, Trends and Risks: A Critical Approach - Tajab Chowdhury

5. Privacy issues, Business Process Outsource and Cross-border Information Sharing - Wayne Ha

Part 2: Modelling and Challenges for Operational Risk Management  

6. Managing Operational Risk in Data Frameworks - Sanjay Sharma and Pankaj Singal

7. Pragmatic Operational Risk Management - Prasad Kodali

8. Identification, Quantification and Monitoring of Operational Risk - Rajat Baijal

9. Operational Risk Modelling is Dead, Long Live Op Risk Modelling! - Evan Sekeris and Ramy Farha

10. The Why's and How's of Benchmarking Operational Risk Models - Samantha Roberts

11. Model Risk Management and Measurement - Sanjay Sharma

Part 3: Operational Risk Management Practices  

12. Operational Risk Best Practice - Richard Cech

13. Integrated Programs for Op Risk - Yo Delmar

14. Emerging Operational Risks: A Short Guide to Adjusting your Risk Framework - Ken Radigan

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