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Investing in China

By Winston Ma


A groundbreaking title that explores the new and developing opportunities for foreign investors in China’s transforming stock and capital markets, at this critical point in their history.

From the foreword:

“Winston Ma’s remarkably informed study of China’s recent stock market developments and the emerging opportunities they are providing to investors is a most welcome contribution to modern financial literature.“

Richard Sylla, Stern School of Business, New York University


Publish date: 3 Apr 2006

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Book description

The author, Winston Ma, is one of a small number of native Chinese that have worked as an investment banker and practicing capital markets attorney in both the United States and China. He brings a unique and invaluable insight to this increasingly important focus for international investment.

Investing in China is an accessible read - it describes current market developments, financial products and transactions in a practical manner, avoiding complex maths. With a clear approach and engaging writing style, Winston Ma provides an authoritative overview of the historic opening up of these markets.

With a copy of Investing in China, you and your colleagues will:

  • Acquire a cutting-edge picture of China’s stock market at the birth of a new era;
  • Learn to profit from a variety of new financial products accessible through the QFII system, which represent a variety of risk / reward profiles (including warrants, exchange-traded funds, convertible bonds, and principal-protected products);
  • Appreciate the increasingly active foreign M&A and MBO markets, as China accelerates both State-Owned Enterprises privatisation and M&A framework modernisation;
  • Understand the unique trading behaviour and structuring features of the investment vehicles resulting from the "Chinese characteristics" of the market and regulatory landscape;
  • Identify the differences between similar investment products in China and in western markets and understand the economic, legal and regulatory reasons for these differences;
  • Appreciate the vast new opportunities and prepare for the risks (complexities) brought in by the state share reform of 2005, indisputably the biggest ever reform in market history.

Investing in China - your essential roadmap helping you to profit in China’s rapidly changing market.

Book details

Publish date
3 Apr 2006
155mm x 235mm

Author biography

Winston Ma

Winston Wenyan Ma, CFA and Esq., is one of a small number of native Chinese that have worked as an investment banker and practicing capital markets attorney in both the United States and China. He is currently a Vice President at a major multinational investment bank based in New York, where he is a member of an investment banking structuring and solution team across equity, fixed income, M&A and rating advisories. With bar admissions in both China and New York, he worked as a corporate lawyer at Freshfields’ Shanghai Office and Davis Polk & Wardwell’s New York office until 2001. In the spring semester of 2000, Mr. Ma was an international visiting professor at the University of Richmond Law School, teaching a course on China’s Corporations and Securities Laws.

He frequently publishes articles on financial innovation matters in industry magazines, and he has spoken on a number of global conferences on structured products, convertible bonds, and emerging markets securitization. Mr. Ma has a MBA degree from the University of Michigan Ross Business School and a Master of Comparative Jurisprudence (MCJ) from the New York University School of Law, where he was a Hauser Global Scholar. Before that, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Law degree from Fudan University Materials Science Department and School of Law respectively in Shanghai, China.

Table of contents

Part I

1 Overview and Trends

2 Emerging Access to China’s Stock Market

Part II: Financial Innovations and New Offerings

3 Convertible Bonds

4 Warrants and Options

5 Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

6 Stock Index and Index Products

7 Principal-Protected Investments

8 Short, Repo and Futures

Part III: Breakthroughs In-the-Making

9 M&A and Private Equity Funds

10 Management Buy-Out (MBO)

NB - the above contents are subject to minor changes prior ro publication


“Regulatory reform brings liquidity into the system and opens up foreign direct investments into the markets”

Customer Reviews

Average customer reviews for Investing in China

Enter the Dragon

In the complicated and fast-moving world of the Chinese securities markets, a guide is needed. This book provides that guide. The author has invaluable on-the-ground experience, and he provides a detailed description of the regulatory and operating scene, the players, and a future vision for what is still an embryonic and not fully functional system.
Review by Norwood Beveridge , 11/11/2013

A great book about Chinese stock market

I consider myself being out of touch with the Chinese stock market for almost a decade now. This book brought me right back to the new rules and regulations of the current Chinese market. It is a truely great book in that it not only has good discussions on all the recent efforts devoted by Chinese government in the secruties law reforming, but also the book addresses many interesting unique characteristics of the Chinese market, which often can not be well explained by the pricing theory developed in the western markets. This book is a very good guide book for anyone who is not familar with the current Chinese market. Even those people who may have been familiar with the Chinese market for some years should read this book to get updated with the important recent market reforming.

The Chinese stock market is a very interesting market that many people may benefit from it by paying attention to. The book was written at the time when the Chinese market had experienced market decline in 5 consecutive years, which also happened to be at a time that the Chinese government had started its most challenging task in the securities reforming, the full floating of the nonetradeable shares. When I read this book at the end of 2006, the result from these reforms has appeared in no small way, at least 100 percent jump in the Chinese stock market for the year of 2006.
Review by A. Liu , 11/11/2013

Interesting technical ,legal,and institutional analysis

The author provides a detailed,up to date examination of the legal ,institutional, financial,and regulatory framework upon which China's stock market has been rebuilt on over the last 4-5 years.HOWEVER,IT NEEDS TO BE EMPHASIZED THAT THE CURRENT VALUATIONS OF THE CHINESE STOCK MARKET(s) are wildly inflated.A giant bubble still exists in China's stock market in spite of recent attempts by China'a government to deflate it.A crash could occur at any time.The recent 2007 World Bank report that put China's gross domestic product at $6 trillion ,and not the $10($11) trillion figure that has been reported previously,means that growth opportunities for foreign investors have been widely exaggerated .
Review by Michael Emmett Brady , 11/11/2013

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