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Inflation Risks and Products

Edited By Brice Benaben and Sebastien Goldenberg


The financial crisis has seen wild swings in inflation and inflation expectations

As markets tried to digest deflationary forces unleashed by the credit crunch they were hit with fears of the inflationary impact of huge government spending. Will today’s falling prices quickly give way to an inflation backlash? How are you managing these risks?

Inflation Risks and Products - The Complete Guide is the most comprehensive, accessible, practical and up-to-date guide to the global market for inflation-hedging products. The book demonstrates how inflation products can be structured and used successfully in a range of portfolios and investing institutions.

Publish date: 1 Dec 2008

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book - Inflation Risks and Products

Book description

As tools to mitigate risk – both inflationary and deflationary – inflation-linked bonds have seen explosive development in recent years. They are now a global phenomenon.

Liquid markets for these products mean investors now recognise them as a separate asset class. The market is becoming more and more complex as sophisticated new players such as hedge funds, liability driven investors, and non-life insurance practitioners are added to the mix.

Throughout Inflation Risks and Products leading industry authorities explain the intricacies of markets worldwide and detail strategic approaches to quickly and effectively improve your investment and hedging strategies. Inflation Risks and Products dissects and analyses the issues you as a market practitioner face and presents you with the latest implementable solutions to the most frequently encountered challenges.

With this new book you will quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The products and the development of the fast growing inflation market
  • Insights into new markets such as property derivatives and infrastructure projects
  • How to overcome the challenges of modelling and pricing innovative structured and derivatives products
  • New and emerging trading strategies
  • The latest investment opportunities for hedge funds and asset & liability managers
  • Hedging strategies and their use as an efficient tool for pension funds and insurance companies
  • The benefits of inflation-linked products for sovereign and corporate issuers
  • The thinking and practice of issuers

The industry’s foremost experts, drawn from a range of sectors including banks, asset management, hedge funds, debt management, insurance, pension funds and risk management consulting explain how inflation-linked products are used to generate profit today, and their strategic application in the future.

The book provides cutting-edge analysis of increasingly important subject areas such as liability management, credit risk, and the inflation derivatives market, as well as taking a more global perspective of inflation-linked products, with case studies of burgeoning markets in Japan, Australia, Latin America, Korea, among others.

Inflation Risks and Products is essential reading for: corporate and financial institution treasurers, product structurers, inflation traders, debt managers, hedge funds, pension funds, asset & liability managers, securitisation professionals and accounting professionals.

Book details

Book 9781906348076 / EBook 9781908823113
Publish date
1 Dec 2008
155mm x 235mm

Editor biography

Brice Benaben and Sebastien Goldenberg

Brice Benaben is a managing director and global head of property derivatives and inflation trading at Deutsche Bank. Prior to this he was managing director in Citi’s inflation trading and executive director in ABN Amro’s inflation structuring. He was initially involved in trading linkers as a portfolio manager in the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) in Washington DC. Brice is editor and co-author of Inflation Linked Products and has co-authored the chapter “Real Estate Indexes and Property Derivative Markets” in Mortgage and Real Estate Finance. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford, where he studied applied mathematics.

Sébastien Goldenberg is managing director and head of inflation linked products at Citi. His teams are trading all inflation-linked bonds, swaps and options and exotics across the globe. He has more than 10 years experience in the inflation-linked market, having worked as global head of trading for inflation products at ABN Amro and having been in charge of inflation trading at Crédit Agricole Indosuez in Paris (Calyon). Sébastien holds a Masters degree in applied mathematics and finance from Université Paris Dauphine and from the French business school, ESSEC. He has been involved in many of the major innovations done by the European sovereign and corporate issuers in the inflation-linked market, such as the first 30-year inflation-linked bond issued by the Agence France Trésor with Crédit Agricole Indosuez, the first 10-year linker benchmark issued by Germany and the first corporate bond linked to European inflation launched by Veolia with ABN Amro, and the first corporate bond linked to Italian inflation launched by Terna with Citi. He is a regular speaker at major conferences and coauthor of Inflation Linked Products: A Guide for Investors and Asset & Liability Managers.

Table of contents


Brice Benaben; Sébastien Goldenberg

Deutsche Bank; Citi


1 Global Inflation-linked Bonds and Real Rates: Dynamics and


Jamil Baz; John Brynjolfsson

GLG Partners; ArmoredWolf, LLC

2 Inflation-linked Markets and Monetary Policy

Cedric Scholtes

Fischer, Francis Trees & Watts

3 Real Estate Derivatives: A Proxy for Inflation

Tarik Senhaji


4 History of Commodities as the Original Real Return Asset Class

Michael Ashton; Bob Greer

Natixis; PIMCO

5 Hedging Inflation with Infrastructure Assets

Valdimar Armann; Mark A. Weisdorf

Royal Bank of Scotland; JPMorgan Asset Management


6 The Global Inflation-linked Market

Seamus Brown; Raoul Salomon

GIC; Barclays Capital

7 Inflation-linked Bonds for the Total-return Investor

Brian Weinstein, Adam Bowman, Stuart Spodek


8 Special Aspects of Japanese Inflation-linked Bonds

Hidesada Taki; Alessio Caldarera

Mitsubishi UFJ; BNP Paribas

9 The Australian Inflation Market

Sam Mitchell, Gary Vassallo

Macquarie Bank

10 Inflation Products in Emerging Markets

Koon Chow, Ralph Segreti

Barclays Capital


11 Global Inflation Derivatives Markets

Brice Benaben; Herve Cros

Deutsche Bank; BNP Paribas

12 Evaluating Credit Risk in Inflation-linked Bonds

Sébastien Goldenberg


13 Building an Inflation Swap Curve

Stéphane Salas; Borut Miklavcic

Société Générale; Lehman Brothers

14 Modelling Inflation

Fabio Mercurio; Yildiray Yildirim

Bloomberg; Syracuse University

15 Inflation-linked Options

Nicolas Tabardel; Brice Benaben

Citi; Deutsche Bank



16 Liability-driven Investing and Inflation: Theory and Practice

Markus Aakko, Bob Litterman

Goldman, Sachs & Co

17 Hedging Conditional Indexation Risk

Vincent van Antwerpen, Huub van Capelleveen, Peter den Iseger,Bart Oldenkamp


18 Inflation Products for Financial Institutions

Paul Canty

Deutsche Bank

19 Modelling Inflation Risk in Property and Casualty Insurance Portfolios

David Bieber



20 Liability Management with Inflation-linked Products: UK and Canada Approaches

Myrvin L. Anthony; Arnaud Marès; David Bolder, Nicolas Sagnes

International Monetary Fund; Bank of Canada; BNP Paribas

21 Liability Management with Inflation-linked Products:

The Case of Sweden, France and Italy

Lars Hörngren, Erik Zetterström; Jean-Paul Renne; Davide Iacovoni;Nicolas Sagnes

Swedish National Debt Office; Agence France Trésor; Ministry

of Economy and Finance, Italy; BNP Paribas

22 Liability Management with Inflation Products: the Utilities’Prospects – The Case Study of Veolia

Baptiste Janiaud


23 An Historical Perspective on Issuing Index-linked Gilts and Launching Ultra-long Bonds

Mark Deacon, James Knight

UK Debt Management Office

24 Corporate and Infrastructure-backed Inflation-linked Bonds

Daragh McDevitt; John Kirwan

Deutsche Bank; DEPFA Bank

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