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How Countries Manage Reserve Assets

Edited By Robert Pringle and Nick Carver


The first in Central Banking’s annual surveys on central bank reserve management.

How Countries Manage Reserve Assets reviews the development of reserve funds and explores key issues for reserve mangers in a dynamic context, as well as the survey offering a privileged insight into how central bankers themselves approach their work. Leading academics and market practitioners discuss trends in currency allocation, the overall need for reserves, the choice of market for and the timing of intervention, the prospects for gold, as well as future of reserve management and the development of the euro as a reserve currency.

A Central Banking Publications book

Publish date: 20 Jan 2003

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Book description

How Countries Manage Reserve Assets incorporates a series of case studies from leading central bank practitioners and allows existing reserve managers and senior central bank executives to benchmark their techniques and performance. Also, for market practitioners, it provides an insight into how central bankers see their role, meet their challenges.

Key questions examined in the volume are:

  • How central banks safeguard their assets while seeking increased yield
  • What benchmarks for reserve adequacy are being adopted
  • What new instruments are central banks experimenting with
  • What are the optimal techniques for measuring, assessing and managing portfolio risk
  • What role do central banks see for external fund managers in managing reserve portfolios
  • What is best practice for reporting and accounting for reserves

Book details

Publish date
20 Jan 2003
155mm x 235mm

Editor biography

Robert Pringle and Nick Carver

Editor, Robert Pringle, is Chairman of Central Banking Publications. Before starting Central Banking, Robert was for several years Editor of The Banker and subsequently he was closely associated with the establishment of the well-known "think tank", the Group of Thirty, where he served for seven years as the first Executive Director based in New York. He was also for three years a Senior Fellow at the United Nations institute called WIDER in Helsinki.

Nick Carver is the publisher of Central Banking Publications, which he joined as an editorial assistant in 2001. He was assistant editor of Central Banking journal for five years and has co-edited (with Robert Pringle) Central Banking Publications’ annual Reserve Management Trends publication since its launch in 2005. He is also the publisher of Risk Books and Risk Journals, two long-established imprimaturs of Incisive Media, which acquired Central Banking Publications in 2007. He graduated with a master’s degree in economics and politics from the University of Edinburgh and taught English in Japan for two years before joining Central Banking Publications.

Table of contents

How Countries Manage Reserve Assets
Robert Pringle and Nick Carver (Central Banking Publications)

The need for reserves
David Williams (former Treasurer, International Monetary Fund)

Intervention in asset markets
C. A. E. Goodhart (London School of Economics)

The currency composition of foreign exchange reserves: retrospect and prospect
Barry Eichengreen (University of California, Berkeley) and Donald J. Mathieson (International Monetary Fund)

Reserve management at the Reserve Bank of India
Y. V. Reddy (former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India)

How the Bank of Canada manages reserves
Jacobo De León (Bank of Canada)

Reserve management in developing countries
Michael Naameh (Crown Agents Asset Management)

A view from the Swiss National Bank
Erich Gmuer and Gion Cavegn (Swiss National Bank)

Risk management of currency reserves
Ib Hansen, Christian Olgaard and Peter Kaer Jensen (National Bank of Denmark)

Fewer government bonds: rethinking reserve portfolios
Roberts L. Grava (Bank of Latvia)

The case for investing in corporate debt
Roberto de Beaufort, Sandra Benitez and Francisco Palomino (Central Bank of Colombia)

The advantages and disadvantages of holding gold
Peter Bernholz (University of Basel)

The role of gold in reserve management
Dick Ware (World Gold Council)

The UK and the euro: implications for reserve managers
Geoffrey Dicks, Kit Juckes, and Paul Stanworth (Royal Bank of Scotland)

Accounting for reserves
Joshua Kurtzig, Christopher Hemus and Ian Goodwin (International Monetary Fund)

The future of reserve management
Avinash Persaud (Professor of Commerce, Gresham College)

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