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Hedging Wisely

By Rohanna Wise


When investors participate in global markets, they take on exposure to currency markets. When an investor has investments and clients in multiple currencies, maintaining an accurate hedge can be extremely difficult with much to juggle. Hedging Wisely: A Non-Expert’s Guide to Expertly Hedging Currency Risk serves as a guide to how to choose, implement, and maintain a hedging strategy.

Author Rohanna Wise has been working in trading technology and automation for the last 20 years, and is the founder and CEO of Wise Trading Technologies. Rohanna will present hedging strategies which the reader can easily use to protect themselves from risk when investing in global currency markets.

Publish date: 30 Jun 2017

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Hedging Wisely

Book description

Readers will be empowered to implement their own effective currency hedging strategy; all those involved in investment will be able to participate in global markets regardless of their level of currency expertise. Using practical examples and case study sections, readers will be able to create their own tailored approach to mitigating this risk, and to have their misconceptions regarding the complexities of currency hedging removed.


Chapters feature:

• How to embrace technology;

• Removing uncertainty from currency risk;

• Currency exposure management as a selling point;

• How to integrate hedging currency risk into your skillset; and

• Questions to ask your financial advisor.


Hedging Wisely encourages readers to better measure, monitor and harness their own skills, demonstrating how they can use their newfound knowledge as a competitive advantage.

Book details

9781782723226 / 9781782723530
Publish date
30 Jun 2017
230mm x 280mm

Author biography

Rohanna Wise

Rohanna Wise is the Founder and CEO of Wise Trading Technologies and the Creator of WiseRisk, a software platform that automates the implementation of currency hedging strategies. She has worked in buy-side trading  and/or trading technology since 1996, starting with energy commodities before moving on to fixed income (including currency), and focusing exclusively on currency in 2012. In 2015, she launched Wise Trading Technologies to offer a low cost solution for asset managers to systematically eliminate unwanted currency risk. Ms. Wise lives in Sharon, MA with her husband and children. She holds a BA from the University of Rochester and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


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