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Energy Markets

By Vincent Kaminski


This book by industry leader Vincent Kaminski provides an exhaustive description of the energy markets, covering both the fundamentals of the production, transportation, storage and distribution processes, as well as market design and linkages between different markets. The book also describes the most important types of transactions and instruments used in these markets.

At over 960 pages this really is a tour de force. You can check out the introduction from the book here

Publish date: 21 Jan 2013

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Book - Energy Markets

Book description

In order to operate as a professional in this business, it is necessary to understand every layer of the industry (physical, financial, and geo-political). The energy markets represent a network of related physical, financial and credit markets, with very complex interactions and interdependencies. This book enables the reader to come to an understanding of every layer and interaction, learning everything they need to about the realities of working within these markets, in an accessible, straightforward manner.

Energy markets are evolving towards a highly integrated, global system, with shocks propagating across specific physical commodities markets and different local markets. The physical and financial markets cannot be examined in isolation from each other and this book brings the two together, providing detailed and comprehensive coverage of these continually evolving areas.

Book details

Book 9781906348793 / EBook 9781782720188
Publish date
21 Jan 2013
155mm x 235mm

Author biography

Vincent Kaminski

Mr Vincent Kaminski has spent fourteen years working in different positions related to quantitative analysis and risk management in the merchant energy industry. The companies he has worked for include Citigroup, Sempra Energy Trading, Reliant Energy, Citadel Investment Group, and Enron (from 1992 to 2002) where he was the head of the quantitative modeling group. Prior to beginning a career in the energy industry, Mr Kaminski was a vice president in the research department, bond portfolio analysis group, of Salomon Brothers in New York (from 1986 to 1992). In September 2006 Mr Kaminski accepted an academic position with Rice University in Houston (Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business) where he is teaching MBA level classes on energy markets, energy risk management and valuation of energy derivatives.
Mr Kaminski holds an M.S. degree in international economics, a Ph.D. degree in theoretical economics from the Main School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw, Poland, and an MBA from Fordham University in New York.  He is a recipient of the 1999 James H. McGraw award for Energy Risk Management (Energy Risk Manager of the Year).  Mr Kaminski has published a number of papers, and contributed to several books, on the energy markets.

Table of contents



1. Energy Trading and Marketing: The Macro View

2. Energy Trading: The Organization

3. Weather Information in Energy Trading


4. Energy Markets: The Instruments

5. Energy Markets: Structured Transactions

6. Energy Markets: Exchanges

7. Energy Markets: Market Participants and Regulatory Developments


8. Natural Gas: Upstream

9. Non-Conventional Natural Gas

10. Natural Gas Transportation and Storage

11. US Natural Gas Markets

12. International Natural Gas Markets


13. Oil Markets: Properties, Production and Reserves

14. Non-Conventional Oil

15. Oil Processing

16. Oil Transportation and Storage

17. Oil Pricing

18. Transactions in the Oil Markets


19. Electricity: The Basics

20. Power Generation

21. Transmission, Loads and Power Pools

22. Analytical Tools

23. Electricity Markets Transactions

24. Manipulation and Gaming of Energy Markets

25. Emission Markets

26. Coal


Customer Reviews

Average customer reviews for Energy Markets

Energy Markets

Very good book which has been spoilt by lack of clarity
In graphical presentations ! Quite a nber of graphical presentatations tended to lose their clarity especially If the original where in colour and in the book they appear in black and white .A typical example is figures 26.2 to 26.5 .The last one has 15 countries represented in black and whites and its difficult to tell where, the individual countries are on the figure ! Perhaps it was a question of cutting production costs which Led to sacrificing the quality .There are quite a number of such Diagrams or charts where colour would have brought all details Out !
Review by josiah sakala , 07/09/2014

Energy Markets

A good mix of the Energy and Finance side,very well written and a good read.
Review by Sardar Shahmeer , 27/02/2014

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