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Capital Market Campaigning

Edited By Steve Waygood


Capital Market Campaigning examines the huge growth in capital market campaigning and assesses the threats posed to companies and their investors. For the first time, you can read in detail about the full impact of such campaigns, and identify what risk mitigation strategies can be deployed by your company if it is targeted.

Publish date: 3 Apr 2006

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Book description

Campaigners have significantly increased their attempts to use the influence of shares listed on the world’s stock exchanges to change corporate practice. Over the last decade non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have targeted hundreds of companies and large investment institutions. Now, for the first time, Risk Books bring you the definitive guide to assessing the impact, effectiveness and legitimacy of such NGO activity.

To help you understand and respond to these risks the book arms you with:

  • A framework for capital market campaigning that enables companies and investors to analyse, understand and respond to various capital market campaign strategies
  • A detailed analysis of four previously undocumented case studies of NGO capital market campaigning - including examples from GlaxoSmithKline and WWF-UK - these clearly illustrate the extent of risk posed to companies targeted by capital market campaigns
  • A range of risk management and mitigation recommendations for investors and companies targeted by campaigners
  • An analysis of unpublished literature on NGO capital market campaigning, along with a chronological list of all such interventions (1992-2002)

Charts the history of UK NGOs’ capital market campaigning to give you a thorough understanding of these evolving NGO strategies.

Assesses the implications of this form of risk on company reputation and shareholder value.

Reveals valuable real-life lessons that you can apply to your own firm if targeted, including a range of proven risk mitigation strategies that can be deployed.

Book details

Publish date
3 Apr 2006
155mm x 235mm

Editor biography

Steve Waygood

Table of contents

1. Setting the Scene


Overview of NGO CM campaigns

Scope, approach and objectives

Structure of the book


2. Background

What are NGOs and why do they exist?

Why do NGOs target companies?

A taxonomy of different campaign behaviours

The capital market as a campaign target

Is NGO capital-market campaigning legitimate

Chapter summary


3. NGO Capital Market Campaign Strategy


A typology of capital-market campaigning

The source of Economic Influence

How NGOs shape Economic Influence

The source of Investor Advocacy Influence

How NGOs shape Investor Advocacy Influence

Which capital market campaign strategies raise the most significant risks?

Checks and balances on capital-market campaigning

Chapter summary


4. The History of Capital-market campaigns


Have the number of capital-market campaigns increased?

Have NGOs explored a range of strategies?

Has NGO strategy evolved over time?

Does the relative success improve over time?

Initial lessons for companies and investors

Chapter summary


5. Case Studies


The Ethics for the Universities Superannuation Scheme Campaign

WWF-UK’s Arctic Refuge Campaign against BP plc

’Capital Punishment’: Friends of the Earth’s campaign against Norwich Union

"Cut the Cost": Oxfam’s campaign against GlaxoSmithKline plc


6. Analysis and Questions


Is NGO capital-market campaigning effective and efficient?

Other findings

Lessons for companies and investors


7. Conclusion

Appendix 1: The NGO CM Intervention Chronology

Appendix 2: The Collevecchio Declaration

Appendix 3: The "Equator Principles"


“Sophisticated, informative and very well written. I recommend it for anyone who works for a corporation or NGO that may become involved in a capital market campaign. Its scholarly style and careful citation of the literature will also make it invaluable for academics. This is a wonderful book.“

Glyn Holton, Contingency Analysis 

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