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Foreign Exchange Options and Risk Management

By Demetri Papacostas, Francesco Tonin and Alison Fletcher


Author Demetri Papacostas has worked for the financial industry for 28 years, drawing from his wealth of professional experience to produce Foreign Exchange Options and Risk Management. In this book he, alongside Francesco Tonin and Alison Fletcher, examines in detail the use of FX options by all the major players and how they are used to mitigate risk, to profit, and to speculate.

Publish date: 31 Jan 2018

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Book description

Foreign Exchange Options and Risk Management outlines the ways in which the FX market is undergoing a fundamental transformation. The book gives the reader a practical understanding of the different ways the market understands FX exposure, including a discussion of practical analytical tools and how to use such tools to arrive at common sense solutions.

Chapters cover:

  • The changing landscape of FX
  • Who are the FX market participants and what do they want
  • FX Speculators and the drying up of liquidity
  • Organic hedging alternatives
  • New regulations demand portfolio analytics

Book details

Book - 9781782722625
Publish date
31 Jan 2018
155mm x 235mm

Author biography

Demetri Papacostas, Francesco Tonin and Alison Fletcher

Demetri Papacostas is Head of the Foreign Exchange, Economics, Emerging Markets and Technical Analysis Specialists at Bloomberg. Mr. Papacostas has extensive experience in developing and running profitable FX & Derivative businesses. His experience is focused on FX derivative products, in trading, structuring and selling to large and small corporations, hedge funds, asset managers as well as to individual investors. He has a proven record of gathering, motivating and organizing exceptional individuals, to produce profitability across industry and product lines.

Previously to Bloomberg, he was a Managing Director at JPMorgan running the Commercial Bank FX sales team in New York and Commercial bank FX Derivatives sales nationally. From 2003- 2007, he established a global FX derivative sales business for ABN AMRO

From 1994-2004 as a Managing Director and Head of Currency Derivative Sales for JPMorgan, Mr. Papacostas created a profitable FX derivative sales business to compliment a top tier trading operation. In addition to JPMorgan and ABNAMRO, in his 28 years in the financial industry, he established and managed currency options and precious metal trading and sales operations, for other major financial institutions including, Royal Bank of Canada, Security Pacific (Bank of America), UBS and Marine Midland.

He has a BA from New York University in Economics and Computer Science, an MBA from Pace University, with numerous honors and distinctions for academic achievement, and has taken the core courses toward his PhD at NYU’s Stern Business School.

Table of contents

This is a provisional table of contents and is subject to change prior to publication


Chapter 1: A short history of the evolution of the FX market

Chapter 2: Foreign Exchange Markets

Chapter 3: Predicting FX Movement

Chapter 4: FX from the least regulated to total transparency

Chapter 5: FX Exposure is ubiquitous

Chapter 6: Dealing with FX risk is not easy

Chapter 7: Salvaging what is possible from predictive models

Chapter 8: Technology has brought new tools to market

Chapter 9: Who are the FX market participants and what do they want?

Chapter 10: Not all FX players look to maximize profit

Chapter 11: Banks are out of the speculative business

Chapter 12: FX Speculators and the drying up of liquidity

Chapter 13: Different ways participants speculate

Chapter 14: FX matters and can no longer be ignored

Chapter 15: Technology has changed what is possible and why it matters now

Chapter 16: Dealing with the FX exposure

Chapter 17: Organic hedging alternatives

Chapter 18: The basic hedging alternatives

Chapter 19: Creative hedging alternatives

Chapter 20: Complex strategies

Chapter 21: New regulations demand portfolio analytics

Chapter 22: Conclusions

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