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Agribusiness and Commodity Risk

Edited By Nigel Scott


Presents an all-encompassing examination on the application of risk management to the evolving global soft commodity markets with the latest and most in-depth analysis on all the issues relevant to the industry such as price risk, production risk, institutional risk and insurance.

Publish date: 1 Sep 2003

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Book description

  • Provides a detailed understanding of the application of risk management tools to agribusiness by covering the topic in greater depth than any other title currently available
  • Enables you to examine the ways in which risks are identified
  • Explains the changes in hedging strategies for commodity price risk management brought about by the evolving market
  • Topical approach updates you on the most recent changes in legislation and reactions from the industry.
  • Risks are examined from the point of view of all market participants including producers, processors, consumers, lenders, brokers and end-users
  • Presents a unique global perspective that incorporates the views of leading international practitioners, academics and consultants alongside up-to-date case-studies from around the world
  • Additionally covers contract and instrument types, portfolio management, credit risk, commodity financing and much more
  • An indispensable guide for commodities processors, traders and brokers; corporates; agricultural lenders; regulatory and research bodies; agricultural insurers; consultants, hedge fund practitioners and climate risk professionals

Book details

Publish date
1 Sep 2003

Editor biography

Nigel Scott

Nigel Scott is an executive director in capital markets at Rabobank International, London. He is global head of the commodity price risk management (CPRM) unit. CPRM trades soft commodity price swaps & options with the bank’s clients to hedge their risk. Nigel also heads up the OECD structured commodity finance team. He has worked for Rabobank since 2000. Previously, Nigel has worked for Cargill as a senior structurer on the financial markets platform, where he started a number of swaps markets in cotton. He also developed and traded cocoa and fertilizer swaps. Nigel has acted as an arbitrator, as a member of the Liverpool Cotton Association (LCA) for the last 9 years, and regularly serves on technical appeal committees. Nigel has a BSC (Hons) in microbiology from Imperial College, London.

Table of contents

Introduction: The Unique Characteristics of Agricultural Production and its Influence on Market Perception and Government Policy

Bruce Tozer, Rabobank


1. Risk and Uncertainty in Agricultural Markets?

Jagdish Parihar, Olam International

2. Understanding Volatility and its Implications on Price Expectations

Al Dickie, HGCA

Risk management tools and instruments - the Products

3. Agricultural Futures and Options

Keith Schap and Bernie Dan, CBOT

4. OTC Instruments

Nigel Scott, Rabobank and Hendrik Wijnen, Cargill

Risk management tools and instruments - the Participants

5. Why Hedge?

Shawn Mills, Maple Leaf

6. The Australian Cotton Industry

Cliff White, QCC

7. What Drives Actual Hedging Behaviour? Developing Risk Management Instruments

Joost Pennings, University of Illinois

8. The Roles of Market Participants and Their Influence on Risk Management

Dan Day Robinson, Day Robinson International Ltd

9. Innovative Approaches for Managing Agricultural Risks

Panos Varangis, World Bank; Ulrich Hess, IFC and Erin Bryla, World Bank

Systems and Management

10. Credit Risk Management in Agribusiness Markets

Benedict Roth, West LB

11. Price Risk Management Using Derivatives: Corporate Policy Creation and Management Control Guidelines

Tom James, Carr Futures

Impact of Risk on Financing

12. Consequences of the New Basel II Regime for Food and Agribusiness Companies

Geert Embrechts, Rabobank International

13. Collateral Management

Rodolfo Barros, Daimler Chrysler Capital

14. The Challenges of Introducing a Warehouse Receipts System in Developing Countries

Rolf Boehnke, Common Fund for Commodities

Appendices - Debates:

15. Managing Commodity Price Risks In Developing Countries: A Debate

Henny Gerner and Ineke Duijvestijn, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

16. Government Policy and WTO agreements - Crop Insurance Reforms and Market-Oriented Legislation

Pierre Bascou, DG Agriculture, European Commission

17. Subsidies in Agricultural Risk Management

Arie Oskam, Wageningen University

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