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A Wealth Manager's Guide to Structured Products

Introduced By Robert Benson


An essential desk companion and reference tool for wealth managers and distributors of structured products

Publish date: 1 Jul 2004

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Book description

  • Specifically written to offer the wealth manager guidance in their everyday business, and to help you make sense of the ever growing, and ever more complex, structured products market
  • Highlights important innovations taking place at the forefront of the structured products market, such as the use of credit derivatives, and illuminates how the structure of products can create capital guarantees
  • Includes in-depth coverage of both hedge funds, including funds of funds, and fund derivatives
  • Provides comprehensive advice on topics such as pricing, a particularly important topic as there is currently no specific pricing index for wealth managers to refer to
  • Covers derivatives-based structured products, used to offer high net worth investors capital protection, leverage and tax advantages, and discusses the integration of risk management into the private portfolio

Book details

Publish date
1 Jul 2004
155mm x 235mm

Author biography

Robert Benson

Table of contents


List of Contributors


Robert Benson

Arete Consulting

1 Exchange Traded Funds - Tactical Asset Allocation Tools

Eleanor De Freitas, Catherine Barker

Barclays Global Investors

2 Introduction to Covered Warrants and Certificates

David Lake

SG Equity Derivatives

3 Cliquet Products as Investment Opportunities and Source of Hidden Risks

G. A. Adragna, V. Ceci, A. C. Cosentini, L. Lotti


4 Seeking Capital Protection through Portfolio Insurance

Giancarlo Frugoli, Ferdinando Samaria

UniCredit Banca Mobiliare

5 Wrappers for Structured Products

Robert Addison

Bespoke Financial Consulting

6 Internal Asset Allocation and Currency Management for Discretionary Portfolios

Andreas Homberger


7 Foreign Exchange and Structured Products for Private Clients

Peter Gardner, Andrew Popper

SG Hambros

8 Fixed-Income Structured Products

Lode Roose, Kristien Meykens, Hans Duquet

KBC Asset Management

9 Hedging with Inflation Derivatives

Allan Lane; Stanley Myint

Independent; Royal Bank of Scotland

10 Commodities, Term Structures and Volatility

Michael Lewis

Deutsche Bank

11 The Uses of Credit Derivative Products for Wealth Management

Anthony Morris


12 Funds of Hedge Funds - A Safer Way to Gain Hedge Fund Exposure

Urs Alder

Man Glenwood



“A comprehensive analysis of the issues and options facing wealth managers when incorporating structured products into their strategies. This book approaches the vast field of structured products by analysing it from the point of view of wealth managers, thereby offering practitioners an insight into the relevance of structured products on portfolio construction and risk management.“

Siddharth Kaul, Senior Risk Manager, GAM

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