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A Guide to Carbon Finance

By Kenny Tang


A Guide to Carbon Finance expounds invaluable real-life insights into the scope and sources of the value chain within the world of carbon finance and carbon markets. Senior executives of global corporations and financial institutions will gain a critical grasp and improved understanding of each of the key elements of the carbonomics value chain – from originating of the carbon assets, to financing, structuring, investing, insuring and trading.

This Executive Report is a guide to the new world of carbonomics – a world in which carbon has a price.

Publish date: 1 Apr 2009

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Book - A Guide to Carbon Finance

Book description

This Executive Report is “Carbon 101” for those who need to know the ins and outs of carbon finance and the carbon markets. This concise executive report will enable you to quickly grasp the principles behind carbon finance and climate change allowing you to understand the financial implications and originate, finance, structure, invest, insure and trade products with a carbon angle through practical practitioner led guidance and case studies.

By reading this concise Executive Report you will quickly get up-to-speed on this booming financial sector and its future prospects. A Guide to Carbon Finance will help you to answer the questions:

What is the international basis for the origination of carbon assets?

How do we originate and create carbon assets?

How are carbon mitigation and adaptation projects financed?

How to structure innovative deals in the carbon marketplace?

How do asset managers and corporations invest in the carbon space?

What insuring solutions are needed for the low carbon economy?

How and where can carbon assets be traded?

Recommended reading for senior executives in investment banks and structured products, CEOs/CIOs of wealth managers, wealth management firms, hedge funds and trustees of pension funds. This is especially recommended reading for anyone hoping to take advantage of the boom in carbon finance, carbon trading, weather derivatives, clean tech, low carbon products, clean energy, green and environmental services and investments.

Book details

Book 9781906348205XY / EBook 9781906348953
Publish date
1 Apr 2009
Executive report

Author biography

Kenny Tang

Kenny Tang is founder and chief executive officer of Oxbridge Capital and Oxbridge Weather Capital, leading experts in the waste, weather, low carbon, clean tech and climate change space. Kenny has postgraduate degrees from Jesus College at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, including a Doctorate in business administration (business strategy) from the Judge Business School. He is the Inaugural Professorial Fellow of The Future Leadership Institute (Wall Street Journal Europe).

Dubbed as Asia’s Al Gore by leading global investment bank Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific and global strategy magazine Strategic Direction, Kenny has written on sustainability, climate change, clean tech, waste and green entrepreneurship for the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. He is on the board of governors at the University of East London and also a visiting fellow/adjunct professor teaching on the world’s first MBA in strategic carbon management at the Norwich Business School (University of East Anglia).

He sits on the Global Judging Panel of the Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Awards and the Asian Wall Street Journal’s Asian Innovation Awards. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder from the CFA Institute.

Table of contents


Alderman Ian Luder

List of Abbreviations

Glossary of terms

1 Carbonomics – The New World of Carbon Finance

Human Induced Climate Change is Real and Upon Us

Impact on the Finance Sector

Impact on the Insurance Sector

Carbon as a Future Asset Class

The Carbonomics Value Chain

2 Origination


What is a Carbon Asset?

How Carbon Assets are Created (Through CDM and JI)

Risks in the CDM Market

Voluntary Carbon Market


3 Financing

Introduction: Mitigation and Adaptation

The Carbon Asset and Project Finance

Financing Clean Tech Through Venture Capital

Financing Adaptation


4 Structuring


Carbon Facilities to Secure Carbon Assets

Carbon Purchasing Pools or Buyers Pools

The Growth of Carbon Funds

Fixed-Income Bonds

Catastrophe Bonds


5 Investing


Role of Investor Groups and Reasons Why?

Investing in Solutions to Climate Change

Rise of “Green” Mutual Funds

Investing by Hedge Funds

Investing by Carbon Funds

Investing by Businesses and Corporations to Face the

Climate Challenge

Potential Business Opportunity

Concluding Remarks

6 Insuring




Role of Insurance Industry in Managing Climate

Change Risks

Weather Related Risks and Instruments

Catastrophe Bonds

CDM Insurance for Carbon Credits


7 Trading

Introduction to Carbon Trading

International Accords for Carbon Trading

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Spot Trading versus Auctions

The Chicago Climate Exchange

Kyoto Protocol – Post-2012

Link between Carbon Price and Energy Commodities


8 Conclusion

Investment Opportunities in Climate Change


"Dr Tang’s Executive Report "A Guide to Carbon Finance – Carbonomics for a Credit Constrained World" provides welcome new thinking on the emerging sector of environmental finance and I am sure it will be of interest not just to industry professionals, but to the laymen who want to know more about this exciting new area of the Global Economy."

Alderman Ian Luder

The Rt. Hon the Lord Mayor of London

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